Big Shots Music Venue is an event facility located at 391 W US Highway 6 in Valparaiso, Indiana.


Specializing in a variety of different events, Big Shots prides itself on being one of the only actual music venues in Northwest Indiana that allows artists of all ages to gain exposure without censorship.  Our standing room only, non smoking venue is a two story event facility complete with a full size stage, professional sound and lighting rig, bar, concession stand, outdoor smoking section, dressing room and more.


SAFETY & SECURITY:  Your safety is our number one concern here at Big Shots Music Venue.  We take serious measures to make sure that people of all ages are safe in our establishment.  Upon entering the facility, you will be greeted by our security team.  Anyone entering is subject to a pat down and metal detection.  We do not allow these items:

-Weapons of any kind

-Illegal Substances

-Large Bags, Purses and Backpacks

-Outside Food or Drink

-Recording Equipment

-Large Rings, Chains or Spikes

-Gang Affiliated Rags, Colors or Vests


SEATING:  Our event facility is a standing room only venue.  However, limited seating is available at a first come, first serve basis.  On occasion, certain shows will have priority seating and these seats will have to be purchased in advance in order to obtain.  Check show listings for further details.


SMOKING:  We are a non-smoking facility.  Anyone caught smoking will be ejected and possibly fined.  Vaping is allowed.


NO RE-ENTRY POLICY: Big Shots has a no re-entry policy for anyone who attends an event at our facility.  Once a patron has paid and entered the premises, they are not allowed to exit the building without paying to re-enter, unless an emergency arises and our security and staff supervises.  This helps reassure safety in our parking lot for your vehicles and personal property, as well as ours.


PARKING: Our parking lot is located in front of the venue as well as our side lot located on the west side of the building.  In the event that parking is filled in both lots, please park across the street in front of the supermarket, being sure to cross at the light and be respectful to the parking lot.



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